Thursday, February 21, 2008

Solo Fem, I Love You

My first book of notes is almost filled. Nothing too interesting, it really just reads sort of like:

Gang Bang Addicts 2 <--- someone save their souls 1=00:02:43-00:41:18

Followed by my shorthand for the scene, which looks sort of like:
blo fac 5 atm dp cow miss swal

I forget the name of the studio at the moment, but we have had a recent onslaught of SOLOFEM flicks arrive from them at the office. Solofem as-in "solo female", naturally. These are the absolute BEST movies to work on. Because after I split the scenes, all I need to do is glance up, see what color hair she has, see what she's up to ("Oh ok she has herself a vibrator now"), see how big her boobies are, and then BAM. Tagged in about 1 minute. There's no fucking around with these bad boys; no sitting around waiting anxiously to see if a rogue ball suck will occur, no waiting to see if a quick bout of analingus will lay siege on my brain.

Just me and a lovely lady. My brain kicks all the sights of the previous flick out the door, and Spider-man and kitties and Charles Barkley walk in from behind them.

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