Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Tag Your Porn: The Manifesto

Hello and welcome. If you know who I am, then you know who I am. If you know where I live, then you know where I live. If you know where I work, then you know where I work. Those are three things which will simply not be revealed on this blog. I will not be giving "insider info" of any kind about the company I work for (rest assured it is extremely well known... one of the biggies).

What I do intend to achieve here is... well, is to clean my brain. This here is the soap I'm gonna do it with. The atrocities I witness on a daily level are... desensitizing to say the least. Watching a dick get sucked, for example, has the same effect on me as watching a tree. Seeing a fist inserted in a woman's no-no, the same as watching a car drive by.

I have yet to decide, beyond that, what other subjects I will write about. But when I do (say, a ridiculous story involving myself and people I know) names will be changed. Probably to names of geologists and paleontologists from the 1800's. Regardless, lots of strippers have blogs. Lots of adult entertainers have blogs. Lots of doms have blogs. Why not me, the grunt?

But in all honesty, I feel as though all of this is a good thing. In the words of Etheldred Benett, the famous British geologist, "PORN DON'T DO IT FOR ME NO MORE DUDE". Which I think is a rather positive quality. Sure, I had to wade through the Fourth Level of Hell to get there (wading right on past the 60 year old German bondage slaves going at each other's dingalings), but... well fuck, I just remembered those 60 year old German bondage slaves going at each other's dingaling. At least I'm making someone, SOMEWHERE, happy. Naturally, that in turn makes me happy. Kind of. In some horrible way.

I am the savior of pervs. I am the hero of sleepless 3am. I tag your porn.

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