Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dino Bites - 03/26/08

Hey folks, Dr. Charles Bone here with the first installment of "Dino Bites", which is an exciting and original new concept that I made up myself, wherein I post questions from YOU the Dino Cadets out there in Pangea. Let's just hop right into it, shall we?

Dear Dr. Bone,

nobody likes me and all i do is watch porn all day and i keep trying to rub one out even though it started to hurt and bleed is there something wrong with me

paul, phoenix, az

Dear Paul,

Yea man.



Dear Razer Sixty-Five,

The relationship between pornography and dinosaurs is really quite simple. First of all: Everyone loves porn, and everyone loves dinosaurs. Secondly, I want you to think about dinosaurs while you masturbate, like I do.

Dear I Tag Your Porn,

I recently started working in porn (maybe you've worked on one of my films LOLZ), and I wanted to ask you: Is there a technique you've seen used where I can get a fist up my butt and not have to wear adult diapers anymore?

Grace, Miami, Fl

Dear Grace,

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this, Grace. Until scientists are able to find funding to look into the matter, I doubt there ever will be. The best way to avoid this is to treat fisting like the AIDs it is: practice abstinence. There is currently no "condom" so to that can provide you with 100% security during your fisting endeavors.

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