Monday, March 10, 2008

Tests of Will

I promised I'd post "every day" ("every day" of course being every day except weekends, and the completely random event that I actually get out on a weeknight), so here it is. I've got quite a bit to say and muse upon, but I'm saving a lot of it for future updates (re: the features I keep talking about/am working on). But really, I deserve a FUCKING MEDAL. Why?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, that's why.

No, I'm not going to go all nerdy and video-gamey here on this blog, but I merely want to gloat and show how dedicated to YOU, the Dino Cadets out there, how much I love you, and how I promise to honor my word.

See, in years past, I was pretty damn obsessed with video games. Not so much anymore... I mean, I have a Wii, I have a bunch of games, but I rarely play it or them. I keep buying ones I know are supposed to be good (the Metroids, the Marios, etc), get all into them and play for a few hours for a day or two, and then... time to move on.

This has not and will not happen for some time with Smash. I played that nasty slut for HOURS upon HOURS, and you know what? - FUCK YOU I'M GONNA BE DOING IT ALL WEEK WHEN I GET HOME FROM WATCHING GROSS PORN. And still, I will make a solemn oath to you, my Avid Perv, that I will continue posting here.

Incidentally, e-mail me your Brawl friend code so I can kick your ass with Samus online.

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brett said...

yeah i don't own it yet, so I'll have to stop by to send some Hyrulian pain your way. Yes, "i'm cheap and play as the elf kid. Though I'm psyched to see how Pit plays.