Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Never Know

Another short one today. I was going to attend an interesting event with fellow paleontologist Gideon Mantell, however he "bailed" at the very last moment. His membership with the Paleontological Society is current up for review.

This may very well be a blessing in disguise, as my boss ok'd me to come in at 11am tomorrow and Friday. For an alcholic such as myself who doesn't get hangovers anymore... this means some much deserved debauchery is at hand for tonight.


A feeling of deja vu struck me while watching a lesbian flick. It was an indescribable feeling... a mixture of dread, wonder, and deception. I felt this before when I worked on the flick starring the guy with two dicks. This was a straight up lesbian flick... some cunnilingus, some dildos flying here and there... then during the last scene, one of the girls funnels water up her butt, and proceeds to squirt it out -fart noises and all- into the other girl's apparently enthusiastic mouth. They don't even go that far in enema flicks. I'm too depressed to give you guys a dinosaur today. You are all sick, twisted, and you allowed this sort of film to happen.

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Dan Platt said...

you are a fucking cry baby! I want more dinosaurs Dave. it's Monday and no new posts, WTF?