Monday, March 17, 2008

Dino of the Day - 03/17/08

Hey there all you scumfuck Dino Cadets! Here's one that'll give you a boner to end all goddamn boners!!!! Holy tit fuck and shit!

I am aware of the lack of flesh ripping and lightning in the background, but would you get a load of how long that fucker is? It's a Mamenchisaurus, and his name is Bryan. The one in the back.


Kate said...

i do love you david, and i will post something tonight just because you said that. it's rude and mean of me to not give working people reading material. and i hope you're doing ok, my tla boss thinks you're in love with me and wanted to interview you about it but you left. but got that sweet macy's action??

I Tag Your Porn: The Blog said...

I love you about as much as I love working on English discipline flicks, but not as much as I love working on solo fem/dude flicks.