Monday, March 3, 2008

Enemas. Enemas. Enemas.

Oh, my dear old friend, the enema film. I love you so much. Your beauty is such as a perfect brush stroke performed by Ghirlandaio. It is such as a baby's first step on its own. The light that shines from within you mesmerizes me. You paralyze me with your brilliance, enema film.

At your core, you surely represent all that is beautiful and right in this world. For you see, I understand you. No one around you can fathom your brilliance. No one has the patience to step back, muse, and reflect inward upon themselves.

Can they not see how purely you relate the human condition? Let us consider...

We begin with two characters. A woman who is receiving the enema, and a woman who is administering it. Does no one realize that this reflects stale, empty, heartless society encroaching on the purity of the human spirit? That of the human dream? Essentially, that which makes us all human?

Does no one see how, despite a little bit of lube to calm and numb the experience of life, a tube is still being shoved up your ass? The administer then proceeds to fill the asshole of the world until it simply cannot take any more. Until it is ready to burst forth from all of the burden, all of the hate, all of the inequity.

But like a phoenix, we fight back. We reach for the bedpan, and we let it rip. We let it rip so fiercely, so uncontrollably, so PASSIONATELY, that not only has that which has been forced on us been expelled, but also all the shit and dirt that we've been taking before.

Enema films represent a cleansing of the soul. A return to a primitive, pure form of being. They are beautiful and wonderful, and I am crying like a baby right now even typing this. There is nothing else on this earth that comes close.

I'm going to go donate to charity. I'm going to give to the poor. I'm going to stand on the highest building, close my eyes, and just let the wind wrap around me and take it where it will.

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Andrew said...

beautiful. i'm a little confused as to who the administrator. is, though.

i see three possibilities, but none of them fully satisfy.

1. the government. they shove all that shit up there, and they give us the means to free it. without the goverment we probably wouldn't need the means to cleanse ourselves, but we're pretty much stuck with it, and all we can do is take it and leave it as they see fit.

2. nature, gaia, mother earth. the administrator. is described as female, so this seems fitting. also, the enema is not in our control, but we must accept and respect her embrace.

3. god. somewhat along the same lines as the nature theory, but more metaphysical in that the administrator. is an actual being in some sense that consciously controls the administration of the enema.

there is some truth in each of these, and perhaps not a single one is the answer. combined they describe the totality of the human existence. man's relationship with mankind, with nature, and with god; all are just subsets of man's relationship with the enema and the administrator.