Thursday, March 6, 2008

Homework for YOU

Not much of an update tonight. I'm slightly embarrassed even. However, I spent the last few hours jotting down "feature" ideas in my notebook and getting in touch with porn stars. Things are going to go down here soon, son. Do you mind if I call you "son"? Whatever, fuck you, I'm calling you "son".

Here's some homework for YOU, the reader. One of the many things I want to kick off is "Ask Itagyourporn". Send me your questions. About porn or dinosaurs. Preferably a two part question involving both. But just do it. I will answer them, promise.

See you on... let's see... I'll probably write you all again on Monday? Yea, Monday.


brett said...

Are you thinking of melding the two worlds together? A porn set in Prehistory where tensions are raised by fear of attacking dinosaurs? Or just the occasional dino walks by in the background. "Don't mind me just eating these leaves..."

Andrew said...

I have seen rough clips of dino porn. One featured a T-Rex (bang a gong) going at it with this lady, and his dinoboner kept getting bigger and he shot purple goo on her. The second was of three Pterodactyls mawing some woman, although she seemed to like it.

I would like to know more about these films: where they came from? what era of porn they were created in? where can i find the full length film?